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Pennsylvania Mine Fires

I’ve been reading the book Fire Underground by David DeKok, which chronicles the raging mine fire which has burned for over 60 years in the coal mines underneath the working class town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, just next to my hometown of Mt. Carmel. I remember playing little league in Centralia with large smoke-venting pipes outside the outfield fence, and my 6th grade classmates from Centralia coming to school with stories of smoke-filled sinkholes opening in their backyard, including one which swallowed up Todd Domboski, a 12-year old boy my age.

I couldn’t have predicted it would be childhood friends from Centralia and Mt. Carmel, along with Austin friends, colleagues, family, and classmates that would help fund the initial months of my campaign for mayor. I will never forget it. Some gave simply because I asked, and some gave to unseat a billionaire’s mayor with a reputation for bullying opponents and forcing his own agenda. Again, I’m told one of Mayor Kirk Watson’s top staffers called my former employer the day I announced, angry I had entered the race.

Our most important fundraising deadline of the campaign arrives tomorrow, June 30th, at midnight. We need the resources to take on an entrenched career politician, fight for working families and stand up to Governor Greg Abbott. Please contribute anywhere from $5 to the limit of $450 before midnight on Sunday to take this campaign to the next level. Everything helps.

And please take a look at this poignant testimonial by Austin theater and film artists JoAnn and Rupert Reyes (who you may know from a famous cameo in the film Office Space!). We can do this!

Doug Greco

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