Doug Greco Statement on Housing

Austin, TX – Austin’s affordability crisis is pushing families out of Austin and out of the middle class. Housing is the largest cost-driver for families in Austin. I support robust investments in affordable housing, mortgage and rental assistance, permanent housing for those experiencing homelessness, partnering with our nonprofit partners who develop housing, and strong anti-displacement measures. I support updates to the land use code to increase the supply of housing at different income levels including ADU’s and decreasing the minimum lot size. 

The affordability issue is compounded by the outsized role of institutional investors and private equity crowding out families from the housing market. They account for almost 40% of home purchases in Austin. Our city needs a Mayor who will fight to ensure our  housing and land use policies benefit those who live here, and plan to live here, not corporations.  Austinites, not hedge funds will be the key to keeping the neighborhood-friendly charm of the Austin we cherish.

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