Our city needs a strong leader with a proven track record of standing with working people and building the political will to strengthen the middle class. This includes supporting unions, living wage jobs, public schools, and effective workforce development. It requires solving homelessness, building affordable housing, investing in mortgage and rental assistance, and ensuring any land-use code changes benefit working people.

Austin’s Mayor needs to be an effective and visible leader against continued efforts by state leaders to undo local control and strip away the basic rights of vulnerable communities. Gone are the days when we judge mayors and legislators by how well they narrowly tend to their own districts, their own interests, and their own futures. Anything we achieve at City Hall stands to be undone unless we build the power to stand for working people and those in our community who are being targeted at the state level or beyond. That’s the type of Mayor I will be.

But we can only do it with your help. Your donation paves the way for us to advocate for Austin day in and day out. Thank you.

Doug Greco in East Austin Texas
Aryel Muse Photography

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